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Graphikfruit specialises in the development of visual identity, be it in print or on the web. Our work covers all your needs, from the initial research and brainstorming up to producing and implementing of your new ID.


Our aim is to research the right style, classiness and valour to your project. Our job is to bring together people of different backgrounds and outlooks but who have similar affinities and are true professionals. The result of this that we operate a platform where know-how, enthusiasm, professionalism and matching abilities happily come together.


Our team ensure full advertising services:

- identity (ID creation, business cards, stationery)
- web site
- architectural photography
- 3D imaging
- advertising animation in 3D


For us, exchange of ideas is always the main idea. Our team’s structure is elastic, efficient, and can adapt in number and expertise to the specifics of each project. Our team is formed of people from various backgrounds, and everyone of us is multi-specialised.
One of our close partners is Pixel Enlargement, a solid professional firm that has been supporting Graphikfruit from the begining .
Other collaboration have included firm as Aubert Management.


You do not have to work with different business to get your ID and your web site done. With us, you can give us a briefing for each and all of your design needs. No need to look for three different agencies. The relationship is direct and frank: you tell us what you want and we will give you what you need.